Jersey City is the second biggest city in New Jersey, located across the Hudson River. The city is home to a combination of amazing eateries that would make any gourmet drool, as well as skyscrapers, gorgeous museums, the largest planetarium in America, and a mix of incredible architecture. The city's history includes immigrants flocking to Jersey City in droves in the 1970s, drawn by low real estate prices and the opportunity to live the American dream. Today, these immigrants have contributed to the city's transformation into a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities from across the world.

In Jersey City you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like Central Railroad Of New Jersey Terminal, Grounds For Sculpture, and Liberty Science Center and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. Central Railroad Of New Jersey Terminal

Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal in Jersey City is a historical terminal built in 1889. It is one of the five major passenger railroad terminals that hopeful immigrants to the country once rode in. It is also known for its beautiful architecture and walkways leading to the Liberty State Park.

2. Grounds For Sculpture

This 42 acre sculpture park and museum promotes an understanding and gives a remarkable insight into the world of contemporary sculptures through their stunning displays and interactive educational programs. They are even known for hosting amazingly informative community events on the topic.

3. Liberty Science Center

Learn and appreciate science the fun and quirky way through this amazing museum. Ever wondered how people get sick? Head over to the Infection Connection section to learn more about this topic while seeing a large sneezing nose! Other notable attractions include Energy Quest, where you or your companions can explore some fun ways to create power from water, solar and wind sources. To top it all off, you may drop by at the center's IMAX Dome Theatre to watch some science-related films.

4. Newport Centre Mall

The beautiful interior of this mall is complemented by magnificent views of the Hudson River on the outside. Climate control also enhances the experience of shoppers who are browsing the mall's three levels of retail space. Macy's and H&M offer reasonable prices for their goods in this mall. Adidas and Aeropostale, on the other hand, showcase high-quality footwear and apparel. Other establishments in this mall include repair centers for electronic goods, rental car companies and food establishments.

5. Milk Sugar Love

Each of us have a certain level of sweet tooth that needs to to be satisfied. They have a variety of ice cream to quench your thirst for sweetness. And on a hot summer day, an ice cream a day takes the heat away. Their menu of ice cream is also not redundant. So it is something to look forward to.

6. Hudson County Courthouse

This building was constructed between 1906 and 1910 and features six stories. It was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1970. Apart from eight courtrooms, it also houses the offices of the Hudson County Bar Association and the County Executive.

7. India Square

Also popularly referred to as "Little India," or Little Gujarat, this district is home to one of the highest populations of Asian Indians in all of United States. Apart from a range of delicious eateries, people can also choose to explore the temples and other Hindu festivities of the season.

8. Newport Green Park

Green and beautifully landscaped area with a playground, Newport Green Park was created in 2012. Visit the park for a picnic and let your kids play at the playground or stroll on the only manmade beach of the Hudson River. There are carousels and splash pads to cool off and competitive kinds can play Ping-Pong at outdoor tables. Click yourself in the beautiful park with the Manhattan skyline in the backdrop.

9. Ellis Island Immigration Museum

The migration of Europeans and other peoples to the North American continent is among the many major events that propelled the United States into the economic and military powerhouse that it is today. This museum, which is located on the federally-owned Ellis Island, bears witness to the immigrant inspection station that once stood here. This spot used to be the busiest access point for foreign settlers entering the country. Now, interactive exhibits stand where people from all over the world once had their entry to America processed.

10. Ellis Island

Ellis Island, located in Jersey City, is known for once housing the station where immigrants were processed as well as an immigrant hospital. At the present, it remains significant for if features a museum full of collection of artifacts from American history.

11. The Queen Victoria Bed & Breakfast, Cape May

This award-winning bed and breakfast resort is very popular among tourists and visitors. Located just a stone's throw away from the beach, it offers stunning views of the coastline. Conveniently situated within walking distance of all the best dining places and shops, this B&B is the best place to stay in Cape May.

12. Statue Of Liberty National Monument

Lady Liberty holding her torch is one of the first sights that many immigrants saw when they first arrived in the U.S. back in the late 1890s to the early 1920s. The statue freely welcomes all today as it did back then since you don't have to pay a cent to enter the monument complex. Among the many attractions you can find here include exhibits, a gift shop and a restaurant. However, you have to pay a certain amount to be ferried from New York or New Jersey to Lady Liberty's home, Ellis Island.

13. Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park is a historical park located ini the heart of liberty island in Jersey City. It offers a magnificent view of nature where visitors can relax and unwind. From the park, the Statue of Liberty can be seen and guests should definitely visit it afterwards.

14. Liberty National Golf Club

Just across the Hudson River, Liberty National in New Jersey is one of the most beautiful golf courses with an amazingly marvelous backdrop. Restaurant, café, bar spa and yacht facilities are available for golfers to enjoy in this one of the most expensive clubs in the world.

15. Owen Grundy Park

Owen Grundy Park is named after the former official historian & chairman of City Municipal Historic Districts Commission J.Owen Grundy. With enough seating, the park is ideal for people to sit and enjoy the sky at sunrise or sunset over the River Hudson and have a spectacular view of Lower Manhattan skyscrapers from the observation platform.

16. Winter Jet Ski Tours With Sea The City

This is a highly recommended activity when visiting Jersey City. Not only because of the experience, but also because of the views of the skyline that is quite breathtaking. It's well worth it to make a reservation with them. The staff's customer service skill is super great because they were incredibly accommodating and friendly.

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