Manchester is a city and metropolitan district in the Greater Manchester region of England, with a current population of 514,414 as of 2013. The city is part of the UK's second-largest urban region, with inhabitants of 2.55 million people. Manchester is bounded on the south by the Cheshire Plain, on the north and east by the Pennines, and on the west by a ring of settlements that create a continuous conurbation. Manchester City Council is the local authority.

In Manchester you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like Old Trafford, Heaton Park, and Manchester Town Hall and many more. Continue reading to know more.

1. Old Trafford

Known to many as Old Tafford stadium, it was originally a cricket ground which opened in 1857 as home to Manchester Cricket Club. It has also been Lancashire County Cricket Club's home since 1864 as well. It Holds the record of most Word Cup matches hosted with 17 matches in total. Aside from that it was also regarded as the stadium where most semi-finals were done.

2. Heaton Park

The park covers an area of 600 acres and includes the grounds of a Grade 1 listed, neoclassical 18th century country house and the Heaton Hall. It was built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games and it is the only place that has a flat green bowling greens.

3. Manchester Town Hall

Having several local government departments and ceremonial headquarters of Manchester City council, Manchester Town Hall is a historical building with exemplary architecture. The building is closed for renovation since 2018 but its amazing exteriors can still be admired.

4. Mamucium

Relive the past at the Mamucium which is located in Manchester. Visitors would be able to see and learn how the Roman Fort protected the city. It also offers a beautiful view of the city and the River Medlock. Truly, a visit to the Mamacium is definitely worth it as the Mamacium is filled with historical significance and a lot of activities to do.

5. Manchester Arena

Known as AO Arena for sponsorship reasons, the Manchester Arena is located in the immediate north of the city center and slightly above Manchester Victoria station. It has an indoor seating capacity of 21,000 and the world's busiest indoor arena. It hosts music and sporting events like boxing and swimming.

6. Chinatown

This little corner of Manchester started as a group of Chinese residences with launderettes in the early 20th century. Restaurants serving savory Chinese cuisine started opening in the 1940s. Nowadays, this colorful district also plays host to restaurants that feature food from Japan, Vietnam, Korea and other Asian countries. There are also various shops and markets in this district that contain all sorts of products like fresh fruits and vegetables and Chinese traditional medicine. There are also bakeries that serve unique Chinese-style sweet treats like egg tarts and sweet melon cakes.

7. Manchester Art Gallery

For those who are into art, Manchester Art Gallery is a must stop destination! It is located in Manchester and is a publicly owned museum. It is known for its three interconnected structures with intricate and unique designs. Visitors would surely love the art pieces at the museum and also its stunning architecture.

8. Royal Armouries Museum

Royal Armouries Museum is the museum for weapon enthusiasts as it houses collections of arms and armors that were once used in the time of war. These are usually weapons and armory used by knights. The museum also features its collection according to themes so visitors would not have a hard time finding the weapon they'd like to see.

9. Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral is located in Manchester and known to be the largest Cathedral in England. It is famous for its beautiful and exquisite architecture which visitors would love to see. It also offers a spiritual atmosphere for those who want to be at peace and reflect. Truly, the Liverpool Cathedral is a must visit for those who want to be at peace while admiring the cathedral's stunning desgin.

10. John Rylands Library

Visitors who want to read books at a place with stunning interior should definitely check out the John Rylands Library. It is a famous library for book lovers as it houses numerous books as well as it features beautiful architecture. The building's design is late-Victorian and Neo-Gothic which would surely leave its visitors at awe.

11. Ancoats

Located in North West England area, this happening neighbourhood was once the cradle of the Industrial Revolution. Today, its eclectic range of food and drinks offerings include everything from quirky bars, craft breweries, Mexican restaurants and eateries with Scandinavian cuisine to Japanese teahouses.

12. Manchester Museum

Dinosaur skeleton, Egyptian mummies to plant specimens from all over the world in here at one place that is Manchester Museum. The museum exhibits works on archaeology, natural history and anthropology and has a collection of 4.5 million items from all over the world. Owned by the University of Manchester, Museum is loved by researchers working in many disciplines or subjects.

13. Museum Of Science And Industry

Located in Chicago, Illinois, the Museum of Science and Industry aims to to spark scientific inquiry and creativity through its 400,000 square feet of hands-on exhibits. This makes it the largest science center in the western hemisphere that caters to everyone's curiosity and drive to learn more about the development of technology used in various industries ranging from agriculture to aviation and aeronautics. Visitors would surely learn something new and appreciate how technology and its contributions are an essential part of our lives.

14. The Old Wellington Inn

Old Wellington Inn is a 16th-century wooden structure renovated, raised and works as a pub now. Locals and tourists love the pub for its architecture and also for its delectable food. British Pie, ale and collection of gin is loved by the patrons coming to the pub.

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