Who invented the plane? For many people in the world, it was not the Wright brothers

The history of aviation has followed a fascinating trajectory. Leonardo da Vinci first envisaged manned flight way back in the 15th century. Then came hot-air balloons, followed by gliders and airships, until the Wright brothers' historic powered flight in 1903. Today there are airliners that can carry hundreds of passengers non-stop half way round the world. And space tourism will one day be a reality. Browse the following gallery and take off for a brief flight through the history of aviation, and meet some of the great pioneers of air travel along the way.

The creepiest cemeteries in the world

There are some cemeteries around the world that are not home to gravestones alone, but also spooky spirits and tales of paranormal activity. In this gallery, check out the most haunted graveyards from around the world!

Here's Where You Should Travel This Summer, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Let an astrologer inspire your summer 2024 getaway.

Why making your bed is much more important than you think

There are two types of people in this world: people who make their beds and people who don’t. It’s amongst one of the first things people are taught to do at military school or in scouts, and it's something most parents nag their kids to do. Making your bed can become an easy habit, but it's one which has knock-on effects on the rest of our lives regarding our mental health and much more. To discover more, click through the gallery.

9 shipwrecks that might be full of treasure

From Roman-era ships to a galleon worth $17 billion, these incredible shipwrecks are currently being excavated for treasure and artefacts.

Norwegian Cruise Line's guests love freedom and flexibility, says CEO Harry Sommer

Norwegian Cruise Line President and CEO Harry Sommer 'Mad Money' host Jim Cramer to talk the state of the cruise industry, summer travel trends, and more.

A Native American costume designer for 'Killers of the Flower Moon' is suing Apple, saying it denied her proper credit

A Native American costume designer who settled a racial-discrimination charge with Apple is suing, saying her work was overlooked during award season.

Turkish cuisine week celebrates Turkey’s timeless culinary culture

KUWAIT: The Turkish embassy hosted a workshop at the embassy for Turkish cuisine week which lasts from May 21 until May 27. The Turkish ambassador showcased ways of cooking Turkish dishes at the workshop. The workshop was attended by many notable figures including the Azerbaijani and Indonesian ambassadors as well as other important local and international figures. The seven-day event features unique recipes from timeless Turkish cuisine while...

Fly SAS to various European destinations for as low as $340 round-trip

Scandinavian Airlines has fares as low as $340 round-trip to European destinations such as Brussels, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Stockholm for travel in the fall and early 2025.

IWG celebrates 35-year legacy of empowering women

KUWAIT: The International Women’s Group (IWG) celebrated its 35th anniversary with an event that brought together members, dignitaries, and IWG leaders in a grand celebration of the organization’s enduring legacy of empowering women and fostering international connections. In her opening remarks, Antonia Dimitrova, spouse of the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria and IWG President for 2023-2024, spoke of the organization’s role in uniting...

13 Nostalgic Photos of Vintage Amusement Parks

What a thrill.

Flash sale: Book now to get 20 per cent off Wizz Air flights

Perfect for summer getaways… Low cost airline Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is celebrating two decades of operations, and has just announced an exciting 20 per cent off discount on flights booked before 11:59pm (GST) tonight (May 21). If you’re the kind of traveller that loves going on last-minute escapades but sadly are unable to because […]

Frogger: Walkable City asks what a frog might do in a city free of cars

Explore a walkable city as a retro game star

Chris Hemsworth receives his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Chris Hemsworth receives his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with his wife Elsa Pataky and their children by his side. Chris is dapper as ever in a royal blue three piece suit and a white button down.

Golfer discovers grandpa's collection of vintage Masters badges, and even an Augusta National scorecard

If you’re perusing your grandparents' old keepsakes, the best you’ll usually find is a bunch of fountain pens, some magnets from random vacations and a few photos that look like they could be from a horror movie. Very rarely do you find sports memorabilia that could easily be the centerpiece of a golf museum, but again, not all of us have grandfath...

True stories about ancient Rome they didn't tell you in school

From as early as the eighth century BCE, ancient Rome experienced remarkable growth, transforming from a small settlement into a vast empire that spanned across continental Europe, Britain, western Asia, and North Africa. The impact it left behind is far-reaching, encompassing the adoption of Romance languages, the development of the alphabet, and the creation of the calendar. Our perception of ancient Rome often revolves around emperors, gladiators, and awe-inspiring architecture. However, there are numerous aspects of this phenomenal empire that remain unfamiliar to us. If you're eager to discover about the wonders of ancient Rome, explore the gallery.

Best Open-World Games With Base Building

Players interested in open-world games that pull off base-building may want to peruse the following titles if they haven't already.

Who Was Charlie Colin? Exploring Life, Career, and Accolades of Train Member as He Passes Away at 58

Trigger Warning: This article contains mention of death. He had no limitation when it came to experience across genres, as he has performed along with many great acts, making contributions in several ways. Sadly, the music industry had to bid farewell to another of its loved ones, Charlie Colin.  The news of Colin’s passing did not only affect hi...

Go away! Countries that want to reduce the number of tourists

Tourism is bigger than ever before. In recent years, the number of travelers has increased exponentially across the globe, and many cities and attractions are completely overrun by tourists. This might fuel the economy, but when locals begin to suffer the consequences of mass tourism, it's time to re-evaluate and adopt measures to curb the influx of visitors. This is exactly what many governments are doing. From tourist taxes to bans and restrictions, in this gallery, you'll get to know how popular destinations are fighting overtourism. Click through to get started.

King holds talks with Oman sultan at Basman Palace

Amman, May 22 (Petra) --His Majesty King Abdullah II and Sultan Haitham bin Tarik of Oman on Wednesday held talks at Basman Palace that covered the deep-rooted ties and the latest regional developments. According to a royal court statement, His Majesty welcomed Sultan Haitham bin Tarik on his visit to the Kingdom, while Sultan Haitham expressed appreciation of the King for the hospitality and warm welcome. During bilateral talks followed by...

Which house plants are non-toxic to pets?

Our furry friends help bring our home to life, and the same can be said of plants and greenery. This is especially true for urban dwellers, who might have to go further to find calm, green spaces. However, caution needs to be exercised when choosing indoor plants for your home when your home is shared with pets. Many common and popular varieties of plant life are actually toxic if ingested by dogs or cats. Luckily, there are some families of plant that you can safely add to your abode without worrying for your domestic canine or feline friends. Curious? Click on to learn which house plants are pet safe.

What should you do when there is turbulence on a plane?

Haj 2024: Visit visa holders banned from entering Makkah starting today

Earlier, Saudi's Fatwa Council had also banned performing Haj without an permit, in order to ensure safety and security of pilgrims

American words and their British equivalents

The British may have given the US their language, but that doesn't mean Americans speak exactly the same way. Vocabulary, pronunciation, and spelling differences have continuously emerged since the US territory was originally settled by British pioneers. In case you haven't spent much time distinguishing between these two versions of the English language, here's a small crash course in the differences you may encounter between the two variations. Check out these 80 American English words and their British counterparts!

Fascinating sacred places left abandoned across the world

From crumbling churches to deserted tombs and temples, these sacred places have a secret or two.

Traffic law violators cannot leave Qatar without paying fines

From September 1, traffic law violators will not be allowed to leave Qatar through any borders (land, air, and sea) without paying the fines and dues through the (Metrash2) application, Ministry of Interior website, traffic sections, or unified service centres.Also announced Wednesday was a 50% discount on the value of traffic violations for all mechanical vehicles from June 1, 2024 until August 31, 2024. The discount includes violations...

Best Places to Get Your Nails Done in Bahrain

Looking for the perfect spot to get your nails done in Bahrain? Whether you’re craving a chic manicure, a relaxing pedicure, or a bold new nail art design, Bahrain boasts a variety of top-notch salons ready to pamper you. From luxurious spas to cozy nail bars, there’s a place for everyon

Terrifying ghost trains spotted around the world

Ghost trains may sound like something out of horror movies, but the truth is that there are many reports of sightings. Some of these are urban legends, but many are based on real-life events, several of which are quite tragic. From moving lights to the screams of wounded victims, in this gallery we delve into the world of ghost trains and bring you the scariest stories. Click on if you dare!

Asia as a region is 'supremely interesting,' says JPMorgan's Filippo Gori

"You have Japan, which is on fire. India, which is very in high demand," said Filippo Gori, co-head of global banking at JPMorgan, explaining why Asia as a region is interesting for investors.

It feels like the first time: Hulu announces “Virgin Island ”reality dating series

They made it through the wilderness, somehow they made it through... and they ended up on a brand new dating show.

Brit killed on turbulent-hit Singapore Airlines flight - live updates

Latest updates as A Singapore Airlines passenger is killed and multiple others are injured after extreme turbulence hit a flight which left London.

The Best and Worst Jack in the Box Breakfast Orders

Navigate this fast-food menu and start your day off on the right foot.


Fairview Wine and Cheese A working farm that creates artisanal wine, cheese and meats. Fairview does have a restaurant you can visit to enjoy all the incredible farm-to-table ingredients – but we must recommend doing their wine tasting first. Stand around their barrel-shaped pods and choose from a range of different pairings. We recommend the Farmer’s Tasting, which consists of a selection of six wines paired with four in-house-made cheeses and...

We Took Our 5-year-old Son on a European River Cruise — Here's Why It Was the Ultimate Family Vacation

Most river cruise lines offer few accommodations for families, but German cruise line A-Rosa is working to change that.

Who Wants to Go to the Four Seasons Orlando? You Can Now Win a Chance to Stay at the TikTok-famous Hotel

The contest is running until May 29 and is in partnership with Florida's Brightline train.

American customs that are considered offensive in other countries

Even with the best of intentions, Americans occasionally reinforce negative views of the US by not paying attention to their actions, words, or gestures that are seen as offensive in other countries. If you're set to travel to another country, you'll definitely want to take a look through this list of customs that are considered rude and offensive in other places around the world.

Countries where you could be sentenced to death for non-violent crimes

International law prohibits the use of the death penalty for crimes that are not intentional and of “the most serious” nature. Yet there are many countries that arbitrarily impose capital punishment acts for "crimes" that include consensual sexual relations outside marriage, opposing the government, and abandoning religion. In fact, in some parts of the world you can get killed for even committing fraud. So, where on Earth could you be sentenced to death for non-violent crimes? Click through and find out where and why.

Queen Alia International Airport welcomes 669,158 passengers during April 2024

AMMAN — The Airport International Group announced that the Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) welcomed 669,158 passengers (PAX) during the month of April 2024, indicating a 6.2 per cent decline against the 2023 figures. During the same month, QAIA recorded 5,783 aircraft movements (ACM) and handled 6,504 tonnes of cargo, registering a 6.3 per cent decrease and a notable 27.5 per cent increase, respectively, compared to the same period last...

How Oman’s National Pavilion at the Venice Biennale blends contemporary art with tradition

Oman’s National Pavilion at the Venice Biennale is showcasing five artists at the cutting-edge of the sultanate’s contemporary art scene. Their works are distinct in medium and subject matter, but there is a commonality in the way the artists reflect on Oman’s history and traditions. The Omani exhibition, as a whole, draws from a “history of being ...

Would you fly into the world's scariest airports?

These days, we take landing at an airport pretty much for granted. But there are some flight destinations that are notorious for the dangers they pose to both the aircraft, its crew, and passengers. These are airports that have a frightening reputation for their difficult and sometimes remote location, challenging weather conditions, and perilous runways. Arriving and departing from such terminals tests the skill and confidence of the most seasoned of pilots, and the nerve and resolve of the traveling public. So, does your next flight take you to one of the world's scariest airports? Check in, buckle up, and click through this list of dangerous destinations.

NOAA warns 2024 Atlantic hurricane season could be 'extraordinary'

NOAA held a new conference to share the outlook for the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season, revealing there are 25 named storms and up to 13 could be hurricanes.

American Airlines pilot weighs in on dangerous turbulence causing injuries on flights

Hosted by Brian Sullivan, “Last Call” is a fast-paced, entertaining business show that explores the intersection of money, culture and policy. Tune in Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. ET on CNBC.

Score 30% Off a Hotel Stay in Bermuda — Just in Time for Summer

The sale ends on June 15.

Tips on how to survive a long-haul flight

Whether you're embarking on an eight-hour flight or a lengthy 20-hour journey, long-haul flights can be boring, uncomfortable, and exhausting. Sometimes long-haul travel can perhaps become super inconvenient with annoying passengers, or even dangerous due to deep-vein thrombosis. Not only does a poorly planned journey ruin your flight, but also the days that follow. If you want to make your long-haul flight infinitely more bearable, click through the following gallery for some essential tips.

Lower part of Kaaba’s kiswa raised ahead of Hajj

Saudi Gazette Report MAKKAH — The General Authority for the Care of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques has completed on Wednesday the annual customary procedure of raising the lower part of the cover (kiswa) of the Holy Kaaba by about three meters. The raised part of kiswa was covered with a white cotton cloth having a width of two and a half meters and length of 54 meters across all four sides.This is in accordance with the plan for the Hajj...

Inside VW’s amazing classic car collection

The huge ZeitHaus museum contains plenty of classic cars from other brands – not only Volkswagens.

This city has been named America's new outdoor sports capital

This unexpected pick of a city has become a top choice for world class athletes to settle down.

The world's most obscure SUVs

When was the last time you spotted an Alfa Romeo Matta on your commute?

The gorgeous vacation destinations named the cheapest in the US

A recent study by Optimos Travel named the best U.S. travel hotspots where you can get the most bang for your buck.

Margalla Hills wildfire

The Margalla Hills National Park is a green jewel that unfortunately faces the recurring menace of wildfires every summer, particularly from April to July. The recent inferno, which took the combined efforts of 150 firefighters and volunteers to extinguish, shows the persistent vulnerability of this natural sanctuary. Dry grass and soaring temperatures create a tinderbox environment where even the smallest spark can lead to catastrophic...